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Last Years Flowers

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I figured since I ask for this cat Id better get it started with some pics from last summer.
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Nice pictures what is the second flower from the left?
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very pretty. i've only had 1 flower bloom so far this year(asiatic lily),but the gladiolas are 3ft tall so i'm just waiting.
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Cheech,that flower is the bloom on a tulip poplar tree.I have a big tree in the front yard and it gets full of those flowers in the spring,its beautiful.Not all poplar trees are the blooming variety,I am lucky,the tree is about fourty feet tall and was here ofcourse when I bought this place.
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Very nice David. That poplar is pretty. I didn't know any of them bloomed.
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I might as well get in on this too.

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very pretty. i have tiger lillies blooming now & all the glads. here's a few of the glads i cut.
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Very nice gypsyseagod,for such a big lug I have an awful tender place in my heart for flowers.
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Very nice setup there Billy! Very pretty.

Pretty flowers Gypsy!
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