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Membrane Help

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if i dont remove the membrane on the bottom of my ribs, what will that do? will cooking time increase? Will the taste be compromised? or will i be fine?
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It will make it harder to get the smoke and seasoning into the meat. They are just better with it off........Some people leave it on though
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it takes less than a minute. Start at the small end, pry up a corner and rip it off. Makes a difference.
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Hi Dozer,
This is a good "You Tube" link that will show you the process. Hope this helps.

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right on. thanks alot fellas!
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Dozer -

Just peel up a small section and grab it with a paper towel and peel it off. If you don't remove it it makes the ribs tough and the smoke doesn't go through nicely.
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Sure wish My Membrane came off that easy!
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Sometimes they cooperate and other it times it's a hassle. Just one of those 'Q things.
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