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Good Traveling Smoker

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Anybody got any ideas on a smoker that is easy to travel with. Say in a camper or in the back of a truck. We pull our camper and would like to take a smoker with us. My camper has a garage in the back that could hold one but it would need to be light enough to lift it up as high as my truck bed because the garage is just as high if not a little higher. I was thining about the Chargriller Smokinpro. Thanks
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Put a trailer hitch on the back of the camper and build a trailer pit. You'll be the envy of the RV park. Not to mention, a friend to all.icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif
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A WSM would fit the bill.
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SC, you can make one at the campground out of a box and a $8 heat plate. This is a topic on another forum. Thrill the kids, be the cool guy in the CG.
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Hey, that was pretty cool. Looks simple enough. Have you tried it?
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I have had my eye on 1 of those lang cookers for along time and have looked at putting a hitch on my camper. Man that would be a great addition to the camping trips.....
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yes I did it and just stomped on the box at the end of the weekend and put it in the dumpster, and left with no smelly smoker. Worked out great. You can pre-build it at home and just leave it when you go on.
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SMELLY SMOKER what are you implying? I love that smell!
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here's a thought- i've used them for years. they last forever & turn out great food. i always had the medium. even last 2-3 years on a boat getting sprayed constantly w/ saltwater(i just replaced all the screws w/ stainless right out of the box) here's the link. http://www.oldsmokey.com/0210OS.html
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