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I also found this site by accident. Found it while looking to see if I can convert a horizontal gas grill to a smoker. Yes I can, but that's a different thread. Never tried smoking meat before, but I love meat and I love to play with firebiggrin.gif . I know I'm gonna learn alot thru this site. Hope everyone has a good Memorial Day!!
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welcome to smf, be sure to sign up for jeff's ecourse.......and have a great holiday as well!!!! (just got done pulling my pork roast and almost done simmering the bbq sauce....some more beer then maybe a nap before the rest of the fixings need be done for the afternoon!!!!)
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Welcome to SMF!
Great group of people here to help if you need it.
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Welcome, welcome! Glad you found us!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome aboard! Lot of knowledge here, friendly folks. Share what you know, feel free to ask about what you don't know. Oh, and post pics of your smoking escapades. PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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Welcome aboard greaseman! Glad you found this us!
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Welcome to SMF
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Welcome to SMF. Don't you love it when an accident is a good thing? When you get a chance, start that thread about converting a grill to a smoker. We want to hear what you did.
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Welcome to the forum greaseman. I hope you continue to visit with us here, share your adventures, ask questions, or simply use the valuable knowledge found here. Just have fun.
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lookin' forward

Allready subscribed, and received the first installment, to the e-course. Meat, fire, beer, this IS heaven lol.
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Welcome to SMF greaseman!!!
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Welcome aboard greaseman.

Glad you found
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Welcome to SMF greaseman.
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Glad ta have ya, greaseman..........wink.gif
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Welcome to SMF..Keep us updated on that conversion and how it works out...
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Welcome aboard!
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Welcome GreaseMan!
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Welcome aboard SMF, greaseman PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Welcome Greaseman
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