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Howdy Tex,from a fellow East Texan. I'm over here in the East texas pineywoods around Longview. I do a lot of bassin' myself. Lake o'the Pines and Fork, mostly.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Its good to have ya on board !cool.gif
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Thanks for the welcome and yes, Bandit did steal the beer from here, right downtown on East Broad. In fact, there is a man that lives here that recently re-traced the route Bandit took back to Georgia in his fully restored, '72 T/A R/T, complete with the 455 HO.

My brother-in-law and I found the pit smokin' along side a service station off I-20, just north of Tyler about 12-13 years ago. The man was trying to squeek out a second income by cooking burgers and briskets for hungry travellers. When the health department found out about him, they put so many restrictions on him and made him install this sink and that sink, that he finally threw his hand up in the air and called it quits. By chance I was filling up there the day he was scribbling out a '4-Sale' sign on a Big Chief tablet. I asked him what he wanted for it (not much) and I asked him if he would take a check on the spot. He wanted cash, so I gave him a deposit and hauled my happy arse to the bank to get the rest. Suffice it to say that we picked it up for A LOT less than it was going to cost to build our own like it.

Since then, we've added the water tank w/ 12VDC pump, sink, and toolbox. Sum total investment is around $800, not counting a couple of sets of tires and bearings. Been offered 4 times that - turned everyone of them down. It is WELL cured, and has a near perfect draw. The brother-in-law owns an oilfield service company in Tyler, and I'm a factory rep, so we both keep it buring up the highway cooking for customers all over Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas.

That's probably more than you wanted to know, but that's the history. I better go stoke the fire now.

Good to be here.
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Will be headed to Fork next week. Taking a couple of customers over for a few days. Haven't fished Lake o'the Pines. Has it come back up? It was looking pretty bad there for a while. Palestine is my home lake. But living up here doesn't let me get down there as much as I'd like. Wright Patman (or as the locals refer to it - Pond Patman) gets nasty around mid-July. Eight hours fishing turns into eight hours of cleaning the baked on funk off my white hull. The only time I go there is to test. Its a fast trip over past the dam and back on the trailer.

Tis good to be here. It looks like Texas is pretty well represented on this board.icon_mrgreen.gif
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Welcome to the forum Texan glad your here.
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Welcome to the SMF Texan.

Glad you found us.
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