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look at the size of this one

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just seen this on the news service anyone got a smoker big enuff
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Now that there's a whole lotta piggy! PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
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What a take for anyone, let alone a 6th grader with a .50 cal revolver. Hats off to him. Just think of the ribs on that beast... takes me back to the Flintstone's - picturing Brontosaurus ribs

Thanks for sharing that.
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they have a website at some good pics
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Thanks for sharing that one! That piggy outweighs most of the moose in my back yard! And Kudos to the young'un!

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Every time I look at the picture, I can't believe how big that thing really is....almost doesn't seem real.
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"No Comment"
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big pig

make this one we did today look like a ground squirrel
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"This little piggie went to market? will never be the same. That little piggie would scare the he** out of me, But I bet the smoker's will be going for a long time in Alabama. And the guy was only 11 years old, with a 50 cal. DANG!!!
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Maybe it's my life experiences, but the pictures don't seem right to me. The posing of the pictures with people uses a commonly used trick to fool people into thinking things are different sizes than they are in reality. I think it's called depth of field manipulation. I remember vaguely the photo assignments I had in junior high school.

Not that I'm saying these people are trying to trick anyone.
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I know it sounds good cooking those ribs but you could not eat the meat.It would be so tough you couldnt cut it with a chainsaw.On the web page they said they were having it ground to make sausage which is the only thing you could do with it.What a fattie you could make with that,would be a worlds record fattie.
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I was wondering the same thing, if the meat would be really tough.

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