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Hey MossyMo, Welcome aboard!!! What part of the deer did you cure and smoke. Did you do it basically like buck board bacon???
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It is ground venison and pork mixed with the venison bacon seasonings. The seasoning mix is very sticky and holds the ground mixture together very firmly. You let it set up in a pan over night in a fridge, then smoke it and then slice it like regular bacon slices.
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Hey MossyMo

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To bad Shortrib. Well there's always another carcass somewhere just waiting to become your next smoker. I had that happen to me by an eBay guy. Took my money but was going on vacation so I waited few weeks and he grave me an address I drove to all the way Long Island NY and no such person or address. This was for a 1950's coke ice box.
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Welcome MossyMO -

I think most found it by accident lucky to know someone to send you here. I haven't even seen the guy that sent me here. Drummers we can be fickle! That recipe sounds interesting can you give us more details? What seasoning or mix? Is it homemade or prepackaged?
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I think I found another unit to convert into a smoker, it is stainless on the outside and aluminum on the inside, is aluminum a good material for use in a smoker?
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Can't see why not ... I'd try not to get it too hot though (aluminum has a lower melting temp) but, for smoking should be great!
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Aluminum will work just fine. Melting temperature of aluminum is 1190-1215 degrees Fahrenheit. If your smoker reaches that temperature your fatties are done !!!
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Thanks Mossy,
I just called the guy and scheduled a pickup this weekend, 200 bucks less than the one I told you about before.and I don't have to drive 300 miles This is an old Norlake Freezer 6- 61/2 Tall 4 to 5 ' wide and about 3 feet deep . only one door on this model, but that is ok, I'll make it work.

Have you tried the smoked Corn on the cob from this site yet?, I just downloaded the instructions and am going to try it this weekend..MMMMMMMMM Corn on the Cob
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SHould be great - my grills have aluminum bodies and they never go bad!
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