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pork for bbq on sale here

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my local grocery chain (H.E.B.) has "pork for bbq" on sale; it is bone in. i just got back from there, bought a package. looks like two small boston butts, in one package. more like a butt cut in half, through the bone. will find out when i smoke them i guess. looks nice. they had about 5 pakages. i got the best looking (to me) one. they are $0.99/lb.
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hello hello,
most of the butts ive seen are from 5 3/4 to 8 ibs [bone in]PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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Maybe a butchers cutting mistake? anyways a heck of a deal, keep us updatedPDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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At $0.99 a pound, it don't matter what cut that's all good!
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i know every now & then h.e.b. screws up & triple orders- a couple years ago we got fat cap 15-18lb briskets @ 15 cents ( yup) per pound cause of a comp. glitch they way over ordered- we bought 30 of them for that price ($.15 per lb)was a 1 day sale.... gotta luv h.e.b. (btw fer ya non texans- thats herbert e. butt grocers)what a name... i bet that is a bad cut & it's 2 split shoulders- butts usually don't have a bone- if it's a flat bone - it's shoulder- round bone- it's shank or butt
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every boston butt i have bought before had a bone. they do have boneless butts every now and then available. i have done quite a few butts before. we just prefer beef, brisket to be precise.
edit: oh yeah, i wish they would have briskets at $0.15/lb again. i would fill up my freezer. i might go get some more of this "pork for bbq" special, and put it in the freezer.
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chris- ya know like i do - h.e.b. screws up on orders on occassion... i wish wally world would screw up here- i miss h.e.b., & the h.c.f. isle has some really good stuff- like the h.c.f. roasted pepper salsa.but as far as the pkg ya bought - it it's a flat bone it's a shoulder, round bone a butt. just a heads up
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p.s. get some fiesta fajita spice & boil a shoulder or butt down w/ garlic- add the fiesta carne spice w/ a few rotels & extra garlic & comino.. fridge until the next day ..... the best carne ....
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i might have to try that. i love beef carne. carne guisada, carne asada- both.
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At that price I don't care what it is buy lots of it and have a good time!
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