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I built a compost pile out of some leftover pallets from work. I made a double sided area, almost like stables and used some fencing to hold everything in. One side, I've only used lawn clipping and a few plants, the other side gets lawn clippings and all the kitchen compost. I'm just experimenting to see which one makes dirt faster.

After starting the pile this spring, I now feel it would be more beneficial to start one in the fall when there are plenty of leaves to go in it. Lawn clipping and kitchen compost is entirely too green and cook too hot in the summer time. The heat kills the bacteria that breaks things down. I have to turn pretty regularly to keep the heat down...and the stink.

Coffee grounds are great for the compost pile, and gardens in general. I know Starbucks saves their coffee grounds and gives them away for this reason.
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Check these out on Mother Earth News.
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I built this one with some minor mods. I love it. The front slats come out for turning.

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While we are talking about it, what is the BEST thing to do the ASH from our smokes???
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I use it along fence lines and have a large hole for it as well.

I have not ever used anything alkaline(lime) in a hot compost pile-never seen it recommended.I mix calcitic limestone in my finished compost the winter before using..

Sulfate of Potash is organic 0-0-22 and has a much better nutrient profile then whatever is in charcoal ash.

Heard of someone making soap once.
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Here is how i do it.These are leaf only piles with alfalfa pellets for Green(heat)....

I use a compost thermometer and turn when pile begins to cool from peak

After its done i double shred

I have posted some garden pics.Compost properly made is BLACK GOLD.

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I dump the ash right in the compost. It's just burned wood, adds a few nutrients and helps keep the pH adjusted towards alkaline. Lots of the stuff you throw in is acidic. Now, if you smoke daily, maybe that would be too much, but I don't (unfortunately) smoke enough for the ash to hurt anything....
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