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I have an idea.How about a category in gardening for flowers.Here is one of our peonies in full bloom,very nice I think.
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Nice flower there dacdots
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Hiya, David!

Beautiful pic of that peony! Hey, would you just want a general category titled "Flowers" or do you have something else in mind?

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And they smell nice too
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HEY monty long time no talk.I would think a cat about things not vegetable.This could cover flowers,shrubs,ornamental trees,roses.I guess a good way of saying it is non veg.Maybe you could come up with a good title for it.I know lots of us lke blooming plants that are not edible as well as vegs.Give it some thought,maybe others could come up with some ideas also.Thanks for your interest,David
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I threw in a category called "Flowers" for you. We can change it to something more specific if you guys decide you want to. Just speak the word.

We could also have special categories for bushes/shrubs, roses, etc.. The only reason I haven't is because no one has asked me to. I figured when the interest was there I would hear about itPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thanks Jeff,I guess the season is here and it struck me there is no place to talk and post pics about flowers etc.
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