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well I've got a ham and pork roast for pulled pork going right now.......here it is in action........
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..........How did it come out Bill ?PDT_Armataz_01_30.gif
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You guy's ruined me! I started with a whole ribeye. After reading the 3-2-1 rib recipe, I hauled it down to the store and got a couple of racks of bb's. Then, reading about the corn, I'm back to the store for corn. Naturally there was the assorted sausage and baked beans. But what started out as two other couples with their kids coming over to splash in the cement pond turned into four other couples (and kids), the neighbors kids, and more food than we could ever possibly eat! Aside from the 'attaboys' for the meat, one of the wives commented on the 'surprise corn.' I'd taken the salt, pepper (black and white), then tossed some cajun seasoning in the butter mix and rubbed the corn all down with that. She came in saying that her mouth, lips and tongue were buring like it would after eating a pile of spicy mudbugs (that's crawfish for those that don't know - sorta like a small lobster grown in the swamps in Louisiana).

All in all, a great day by the smoker.
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you guys are killing me... i have been craving some ribs all weekend, a pulled pork sammie, some brisket, or even a fattie.... i need to do some smoking real soon. i havent fired up my smoker in nearly 5 days, i am having serious withdrawls..lol

good job guys
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