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Like this?
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It seems to me that most forums just tend to use plain old uninspired


But I think that it gets the point across pretty quick, If we are looking to make it an acronymn (SP) Maybe it could stand for "Produce Imersed in Cooking Smoke"

"SNAPS" I'll leave the acronymns to the more talented

"FLIX" or "FLICKS" although most commonly in relation to moving "PICS"

A series of PICS could be referred to as "SBS" for Step By Step and the End Results could be "ER"

While I never found the "P" word offensive, I did wonder why it was so common, I also think that some type it in using a "Zero" inplace of the letter "O" to try and fool search engines.

I am no "Goody two shoe" and not easily offended, I would figure that this is an adult site and an occasional slip of the tounge would be expected and even considered funny on occasion, and far be it from me to impose my values on anyone else, but clean is a good thing, that is what makes dirty so much fun!
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Glad so many of you like " Eye Q" ... eye would never have guessed .... thanks! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Squeezy.... I think you have come up with a winner ... got my vote
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it may not work for pics but a new "how to cook" thread called... que-tips might juast be funny & relevant
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oops q-cam was done- i like i-que too. what about "food flix" and i'm still gunning for que-tips as a how to thread.
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O.K. guys…here’s a few, first my fav,

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"vittle pics" made me laugh. (Sorry, I forgot who posted that one, but I liked it). "Eye-Q" is pretty clever, too.
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Found an idea for vegetarians ... for th "P" word .... icon_lol.gif

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I like that too for a how-to-thread ...icon_wink.gif
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qcam is a good one, easy and fast to type
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There's a lot of good ones so far.I submit "drool starters".
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What about...... BIB PIX

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pit pix ??
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I like "pit pix" only six letters.
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Pit pix....hmmm, good







Pan a Vision

QV for Q Vision

QPX for que pix
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New'Cue or NewQ.....icon_exclaim.gif
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not to be confused with PHA Q
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I think what ever it is, it needs to be looked into real carefully. I did a Google search for the words "eye candy".... icon_eek.gif

That would just bring them in still.....

So, before making that final decision, do a couple of searches and see what you find.... I would hope nothing bad....

Just my $0.02 worth....

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Excellent point!

We will have to be carefull and test the new term.

Ever try to do a search on "White House" Not for the faint of heart!

Thanks again for the excellent tip
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