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Smoked Duck...

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Does anybody have any recipes for this, I had a duck tonight for dinner and was trying think how good it would be smoked.
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I sure would like one too !

I have only done mine on a rottiserie using indirect heat at normal roasting temps with a foil pouch of Apple wood and stuffed with an orange, garlic, whole peppercorns and salt. I made an orange sauce as in Duck la Orange . This method took about 3 1/2 hours, but gave me a deliciously crisp skin. I also had an aluninum chinese take-out container full of duck fat at the end.

I would imagine that slow cooking a duck would be a very greasy undertaking unless skinned first, however I would love to hear of another method ....

BTW how did you prepare yours for dinner?
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Really not too far off from yours, on a rottiserie and sauced with some marmalde which turned out really good. I just think thats the best part of duck, it's greasy and juicy and it's essentially pure dark meat haha.
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Funny you should mention marmalade, I glazed one too with it!
I carve it very simply ... spit it down the middle lengthwise and then cross cut through the middle = 4 servingsicon_smile.gif
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***** little hole in it to get some of the fat to render.

I've added grated orange peels to my rubs with great sucess. I little zest and brown sugar goes a long way.
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Check out my post under the wild game section. It totally changed the way i think about duck.
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