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thanx i got it - boy after 20 years on comps i feel like an idiot again w/ vista
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Like some members have stated, it doesn't matter what word you use. Some sites have words and phrases that wil eventually lead you to the long P word. Even just using pics or images will bring mostly P stuff.

But to protect the site and forum, we have to stop using it. Damnit.
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How about: "Smm MOKIN"
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even a simple word like "smokin" will lead ya to hnnnmmmppffhhh- marijuana sites on youtube.
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ok ok i was wrong,i googled "food p*rn" and after 38 pages of results the freakiest thing i got was kellogs porn pops & porn flakes & it was a documentary on the cereal king family delinquent sons....whatever we come up w/- this is the internet & we're still not safe so i will go with "smoke screens for my food shots or just hey - (easy as pie) food pics.. not as fun but blatantly obvious & unassuming
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If you're not too worried about originality another Q site calls it pron because they had already been down this road. Kinda funny and it is easy to remember.
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How about " Q drool" ?
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Food Pix

I Like the term "smoke screens", it keeps the subject out of the forbidden zone and may only bring up military sites as users of "smoke screens" when web searched
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I like this one also. It's easy to remember because the O and R are simply inverted and it is allready used on other smoking sites so is somwhat known.
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I like this too, but I would make one slight alteration... use a "0" (zero) instead of the "o", which would look like this: "pr0n" or this: "p0rn"

Just a thought... it might help stop them bastages, or at least slow them down some.
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since the pics are there for all to see, how about "PUB GRUB"
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Now that you mention it, I think the zero is used by quite a few posters as well. I don't even notice it hardly. I see pron or pr0n and just read right on anymore. The mind just gets used to seeing it that way I reckon.
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What about ......... 'money shot' ........... Well that probably relates to pr0n terminoligy also. I like it cause it refers to the finished product.

Just a thought!
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hi dutch , heres a few ideas ..smokin frenzyable...
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oh my fine and loving evil twin....... as my adopted daughter would say (and tells me all the time)....FILTHY FILTHY FILTHY......... biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gifbiggrin.gificon_evil.gificon_razz.gifPDT_Armataz_01_23.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Wow! ... I thought this was a " dead thread"!
post #37 of 38 too.........thought it was decided as q-view..........

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Your right WD- it was decided that food pic would be called q-view or que-view. Might be time to put a lock on this thread.
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