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Next Step in the Evolution

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Greetings to all Smokers from the MotorCity!

I'm getting my smoker on Friday before the Memorial Day weekend and looking forward to getting it seasoned and broke in for some family BBQ on Monday. Nothing major......just a nice simple set of sausages and maybe a meatloaf.

I'm a grill master already - but I have wanted to get the real thing for a looooonnnnggg time. Finally got the green light from the CFO(wife). This is the next step in my evolution in mastering all things meat.

Thanks for a wonderful web site and all the great information that you memebers have shared.

James "Watery Eyes" Martin
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Welcome aboard! Try Jeff's five day ecourse, lots of very good info and folks here. Warning once you start smoking there is no turning back. Good luck and post some pics.
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Already enrolled in the course and I will definitely be taking pics of everything. Might even do some video if I progress well enough and have good results.
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Might as well throw in a couple slabs of ribs too! Take off the membrane, put a good rub on them, cook them 3 hours, wrap in foil, cook 2 more hours, unwrap and cook for 1 hour. Keep the temp at about 225. Baste them with our favorite sauce for the last half hour. Welcome aboard!
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welcome to SMF.... nice to have another michigander here

for your first smoke, stick with something simple... pork butts are forgiving and can handle heat spikes.... take it to 200* and you have pulled pork

throw on a fattie or two... a couple of ABT's

poulty works great as well... just smoke it at a higher temperature... poultry is not a low 'n slow kind of meat so its also a little forgiving

again welcome to the family and hope to read more of your posts
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Nice to see you on the forum. I hope you are a frequent visitor. Please feel free to share your adventures and also to draw from the knowledge of the friendly folks here. Have fun.
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Finally a smoker from the big D, welcome to the SMF, lots of michiganders here (rest of these folks aint bad either)cool.gif Glad u found us!
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welcome aboard SMF...glad to have ya PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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hello up there! hope it turns out great
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Welcome to SMF ... glad to have you with us ... love to see your kind of enthusiasm ...

Have a great weekend smile.gif
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Welcome James -

Your in for a real treat! As much as you enjoyed grilling smoking is lots more fun and much more addictive!
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Welcome to the forum James grab a cold one and lets do some smoking.
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Welcome aboard the SMF! Sounds like you are in for a great smoky weekend. I look forward to your pics.
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So, what kinda smoker you planning on getting?
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Welcome to SMF Watery Eyes!!!
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I'm looking at both the Great Outdoors 20" and the Smoky Hollow No.5 (slightly smaller) that they have a Meijers.

The Smoky Hollow looks a bit more robust (wider stance) and can do both charcoal and gas - but there is a lot of user information here in the forum on the Great Outdoors model and it is also a couple inches wider by just a smidge.

Price difference is only $10 more for the Great Outdoors and I am leaning that way personally.

I just want to make the best choice initially and for the long run as far as usability and overall utility are concerned.icon_rolleyes.gif

Watery Eyes
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Hey welcome "eyes"..............

Glad ta have ya ..........come back often and Post pix, we love the "porn"................PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif
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Hey man ... I thought we were supposed to refrain from using the 'P' Word ????
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Got the GOSM this morning and picked up some accessories too.
Looking to do the assembly in an hour or so when the weather blows through.

First pics of the seasoning burn to be posted tonight! icon_razz.gif
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Welcome to SMF Watery Eyes. Can't wait to see your smoker in action. If you have any questions feel free to ask away.

Keep Smokin
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