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Smoked Boudin

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Anyone ever smoke boudin or would this be considered a mortal sin in Louisiana?

How do you think they would taste?
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i believe the first time i had it was smoked at the Corn Festival in Bunkie,LA.... so far its been the best i've had so far...

so YES...smoke
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I could be wrong but I don't think anything is off limits to smoking!
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I tell you fwor shore, dare is no wrong way to eats budang, ezcepzin not to eats it at all!
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OK someone's got some 'splainin' to do, Lucy. What is this?
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I used to work with a few of 'dem "Coonazzes", Good people! (even though a couple had spent most of their adult life behind bars and I question if they were let out or broke outicon_razz.gif ).

There favorite pastimes were eating, drinking and fighting! About once a month they would make a road trip back home and come back with a months worth of supplies. I mean that they would put on a Cajun feast that was unbelievable! And after the feast? Well, fist fighting of course!
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boudin yous

its a Louisianna sauage that is made from rice, livers,pork basically

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thank you!
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I got to tell ya, sum dem cajuns iz hard to listen to. Becuzn it ain't no French dey talkin ain't no two talkin da same speak even.

Boudin is said many different ways Boo-dain, kind of drawn out or Boo-dang, kind of cut short or Bow-dan, depending on what bayou you was raised on.

The only thing for certian is that no matter how you say it, is is some good stuff!
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I eat a link of boudin every Monday morning even if I am not hungry. It is one of my favorite cajun foods. I've had shrimp, crawfish, blood, smoked, and regular boudin. So far my favorite is the regular follow by smoked. The better boudin I've found usually always comes from the Acadiana area.
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i like regular boudin...not fond of the blood ones but like the mudbug ones..the spicier the better
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I made about 20# of boudin blanc tonite. I haven't smoked it yet. My son was in a hurry so we couldn't get it in the smoker quick enough. I had to settle for smoked quail I got last season, wrapped in bacon and a load of ABT's along with some elk brat's we also made..

All dipped in some homemade spicy mustard and chased with some cold beer.. Didn't have any homemade sauerkraut this time around. Guess it's time to get some fermenting in my wife's closet again. She got so mad at me the last time, she threw out my fermenting bucket. She had NO IDEA I have about 6

Oh, are you hungry yet? :-)
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I make special trips down home just to get boxes of the stuff. I stay away from the blood stuff. Not my cup of tea. You're right about one thing tho. The acadiana area makes the best boudin running as far as I'm concerned.

Speakin of...I've got some boudin in the freezer..I guess I'll be sticking that out on the smoker tomorrow. :)
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Several years ago while vacationing in the area, I shared some seafood boudin with the hotel manager (it was his supper) ... the aroma made me ask about it.
Now that is hospitality. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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There's a huge oriental market about 30 miles away from my house that sells "all" kinds of pork products. That's where I get my pork liver for making boudin. I picked up some pork bellies the other day for bacon. They even sell pork bungs but those won't be hitting my smoker anytime soon! PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif Who would buy those for consumption unless they were starving..yuck! I saw better cuts of pork that were cheaper..
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Would this be found under the curly bit opposite of the end that oinks?
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It's hard to beat smoked boudin. The only out of the package store bought that I have found worth anything is . The green label isn't bad. But thats all I've been able to find in stores anymore. The red label though will get you sweatin. I love it with my steaks. I usually throw a couple links on when grilling and then cut it out of the skin and onto the plate next to the steak. When the steak juice runs into it...ahhh good stuff. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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