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Smokin daily

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Hey all!!!
I have a large (very large) propane smoker Hand made from the oil fields of kansas. Smoker is 7 foot long and 4 foot in diameter I general smoke 20 slabs of spare ribs at a time. Buster's Saloon and Resturant in Sun City, Kansas is where I do my best work. Our specialty is smoked ribs and hand cut steaks on a daily basis. I do all the butchering and the smoking of our meats. A first timer I am not, A professional I am not. I'm just like eveyone else learning how to do things.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Hope to hear from all of you in the near future. My e-mail Address is open for all of you to use. If you'd like to check out our work go to we post pictures and events there.

Have SMOKIN greast time.
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Welcome to SMF Busterssaloon! ... you've come to the right place. smile.gif

When we stop learning ... well we aren't here any more icon_biggrin.gif

Looking forward to seeing what you do ... we love food porn!
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Welcome to the Forums, Mark. How do you fire up that big smoker? Wood, charcoal or a combination of the two? We do like pictures here, so show us what it looks like.

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Welcome to the SMF! Sounds like you will fit right in here.
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Welcome to SMF ..look forward to your posts and of course the PORN !!PDT_Armataz_01_30.gif
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Welcome to the SMF Busterssaloon. I checked out the web-site and it's cool. Also saw the pic of the smoker....that is a biggin!! Great folks here so jump right in.

Glad you found us.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Welcome Busterssaloon, It is nice to see you on the forum. I hope you will visit frequently and comfortable to participate with the friendly folks here.
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Welcome! Glad you are here, I'll have to go check out yor rig. We love pics so please post em.
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Howdy busterssaloon............

Man if you aint a pro you are close to it, welcome.........PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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Welcome to SMF!!! Glad you decided to join us.
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welcome to the SMF looks like Buster's is my kind of place. Beer and real BBQ oh yeah
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welcome to the SMFicon_mrgreen.gif
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Welcome to SMF. Always good to have members with experience. It helps everyone.
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Welcome Mark, glad to have you aboard!
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It is all propane fired and wood smoke. I have a 5 5/8" tube steel that runs from one end to the other thru the wood box and back to the other end for exhaust to 14 foot stack. I can set it 10 degrees per move of 1/16 of a inch. range from 100 to 2500 degrees. I know thats hot but it most generally runs at 230 degrees for my 8 hours smokes. It takes about 45 minutes to warm up to temp. I can smoke up to 65 slabs at a time every 8 hours. Briskets run a little different I can put 36 to 40 at a time depending on there size. Have to place them evenly for the best smike. Briskets smoke at 210 degrees for 16 to 20 hours. It's alot of fun running this smoker. I have people come in early on Saturdays from all over the country just to set have a beer and chat about the smoker. The location Katt and I have chosen is one of histories best. This town now of 81 people use to be the wildest Rodeo in the USA 1920 thru 1930. The arena held 3000 people. We love it here even though wwe are the only businesses in town or within 20 miles in any direction. It's a kick back lay back drink a soda or a barley pop and watch the smoker. We have people from all over the USA comeing in to see us and here the tales. We have the orginal school house from 1876 the orginal general store from 1890 the Saloon (Which was a Roebuck store) from 1910 the Bank from 1903 and of corase our restuarant from 1935. Best of all we have our locals the good ole orginal Cowboy's you'll see them in there spurs, chaps, and hats just as they were in the 1800's and 1900's. Still to this day the roundups take place here, the branding of cattle, the cattle drives and all still happen where we live. We pay a great tribute to the locals from all around to accept us as there friends and there host.PDT_Armataz_01_40.gif

Have a SMOKIN good time
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Glad to be here I appreciate the welcome.

Have SMOKIN good time
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