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Preparing ribs

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HI all,
I made a couple racks of ribs this past weekend using Jeff's rib rub and the 3-2-1 method. The ribs tasted great. My question is, how do you cut the ribs to serve them? I think one of the racks still had the brisket on, would you remove this before you smoke the rack?

Any tips would be appreciated.


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First question, what style cut were they? Okay, that's the only question I can think of. Personally, I cut them down before cooking. It's just easier for me to seperate them when they're done. My butcher cuts them down for me, so I guess I'm lucky like that.
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i think you are meaning the "rib tips" as we call them in here... or skirt(i dont really know the proper name but is what i call i guess it is all on how you want them to look... personally i trim them down so that they look like ribs when you cut them...

this pic shows where i usually trim them for personal eating

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Cmon Man,

Don't do that too me when I haven't had breakfast or Lunch yet today. Why dont you just stick some bamboo sticks under my fingernails while your at it!
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I'm telling ya! Those ribs are awesome looking, supposed to be raining here Saturday into Sunday so I don't think I'll get to any smoke this weekend...icon_frown.gif
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cseymour, trim up your ribs like teacup shows in his pic. You can smoke the ribtips for snacking on or you can do what I do . I remove the bone and cartilidge and put a rub on the meat and 'em smoke them up for 3 hours, then I dice the meat up and toss it into my Wicked Baked Beans. I also remove the skirt meat (the flap of meat that runs from one side of the ribs to the other) apply the rub and smoke this too only I use this for snacking one while everything else is still in the smoker.
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I often cut off the tips and save it for sausage meat. While the meat smoking I can trim and grind the rest with some butt trimmings away you go!
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After trimming these, it would be St. Louis cut, right?
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Sometimes it just tastes better when they look nice and neat so I too will trim them.

Hey gives me something to nibble on while I am finishing up the rest of the meat
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That is correct BillyQ.
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