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Hello from Minnesota

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Hey everyone,

Joe here from Minneapolis, MN. I've always had a love for real barbeque and decided to take up the art this past February. I own a ECB Gourmet with mods (lump coal) and I love it! I've had a couple smoke sessions with whole cut up chickens a few whole chickens (beer can and spatchcocked) and some spare ribs (no beef yet). I would have done a lot more by now but the wife will only allow so many days where I'm in and out of the house checking the temp. BUT, I now own a remote digital therm and me and my ECB are starting to understand each other better, so "she" requires less attention (I suppose the wife was getting jealous too)

I just purchased a Char-broil electric smoker to get more of a "set it and forget it" thing going on since I have a 10 month old daughter to chase around the yard...my hope is that I'll need to tend the smoker even less since no charcoal is involved. I've done a couple mods to the electric as well. I'll be smoking some tandori chicken this friday, prbly a whole cut up chicken (paul kirk's recipe).

I've resarched smoking quite a bit leading up to today and I must say this forum is my favorite. I also own Paul Kirk's championship bbq and Peace, Love, & BBQ--all these resources have helped me very much.

Whew, hope I didn't ramble too much...looking forward to shooting the shtuff with you all.

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Welcome slowjoe,your gonna like it here.The people here are so nice and helpful.I'm not quite used to it yet coming from a big city.
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welcome to SMF... glad you found us... all your could ever wonder about will be answered here...
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Welcome to the SMF! You'll like the char broil, less heat management, and the chicken sounds good, but next time u get a chance, grap a pork butt, then you'll really be hookedPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Welcome to the SMF. Nice of you to join us!
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Hey Slowjoe ... Welcome to SMF ... sounds like you are off to a fine start!
Like Bubba said ... try a butt, yoou won't be disappointed! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Welcome aboard SMF Slojoe ,great place and peeps here ,glad to have ya !PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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