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newbie from ohio saying hi!!!!

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Hi all, i'm new to the smoking experience, just picked up a wood smoker from an auction and am going to start smoking some pork or beef soon.
I also brew my own beer, and just completed a batch of ipa that should be ready to drink in about a week.
so i would like to have a cook out and smoke some meat and drink some beer.
if anybody has any help for me on finding smoking wood in the dayton, ohio area, it would be gladly appreciated.

check out my myspace page too. at

hope to hear from you all soon.
mike mcmillon
in tipp city/huber heights ohio
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Welccome Mike,

Check your local hardware , or the big box stores like Home Depot, Lowes.
Let us know how you first smoke turns out, we love pictures . You may also want to check out TulsaJeff's 5 day ecourse he also has a new New and Free "How to Smoke Meat" eBook. Good Luck and enjoy!!
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Welcome Mike!
You'll like this forum,everyone is so friendly and willing to help with any questions you might have.
We love pics of all kinds,food and equipment!
Keep on Smokin' !!
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welcome to SMF.... lots of good info here... lots of friendly people...
glad you found us
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Welcome to SMF mustangmike. Glad to have you aboard. My oldest son is building a '79 cobra (seems to be taking forever) he's about done with the motor (331 stroker) then on to tranny etc. Anyway... looking forward to seeing your posts.

Check your local Wally's, Lowe's, Home Depot for wood or even local papers.

Keep Smokin
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Welcome to the forum Mike. I look forward to your sharing of your adventures with us on the forum. Feel free to ask questions and to draw from the wealth of knowledge offered by the friendly folks on the forum.
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hi Mike I live around 30 miles from you and we farm what kind of wood ya looking for try some of the ochards around you and if we trim some fence rows I will let you know there will be some mullberry and maple but I dont know when
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Welcome to the SMF mustangmike.

Glad you found us!!!
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Congratulations on finding us! welcome to SMF!

Lots to learn here ... enjoyicon_exclaim.gif
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Welcome MustangMike,your gonna like it here.So far as wood goes,just to get started,Home Depot here in Philly has a better deal on chunks than Lowes. But they only have hickory and mesquite.
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Welcome to SMF mustangmike,you will like it here ,all good peeps ,all smokers and lots of homebrewers as well PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Welcome Mike!
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Welcome to SMF .
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Welcome to SMF mustangmike!!!
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Hey Mike.....................

Glad ta have ya dude.............PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Welcome aboard, glad to have you here. Look around this site there are some of us that make our own brew and Q too.
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