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Why is somebody always a pickin' on me ? icon_rolleyes.gif
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great pics & sniff.. whoohoo i love the pit & it just brought me back to being a kid @ great grandma's farm in sabinal & learning to swim in the hondo creek... plus uvalde peaches & hog hunts... some of these texas posters take me home.......have ya ever done the king ranch or other cowboy cookouts or dutch oven camp competitions ??
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p.s. goat about the amount of wood- i saw 1/2 pickup bed - i'm guessing a ford f-150 or old f-100 truck- and that would be a 1/2 cord of mesquite(heat) or 3/4 cord pecan ?? or a whole cord scrub oak ?? ( trying to score otbs points here w/ texan experience...last big cook i did was for bottom's up tittie bar in corpus - 165 chicken quarters,12 briskets,500 burgs,650 dogs,65 fajita sides, 120 brats(sausage on a stick),85 lbs of papa salad, all the trims fer burgs- lettuce tomato etc, and 120 gallons of pintos-burnd a full cord of mesquite- all done on the beach self contained w/ 1 freakin' helper.... we fed over 2500 plates & it was my 3rd one for these people - plus it was my band that played- what a nightmare... got pics coming in june
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Hey gypsyseagod, I have never personally entered a cook off of any kind. I do help a team called "The Holy Cow Cookers" most every year at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo cook off. I would like to go to Kingsville, or Oklahoma City or Ruidosa, NM to a dutch oven cook off. I have them all on my calender, but seems like I am always busy. Perhaps one day I will make them all.

I used about 1/4 - 1/3 of a pickup bed of mesquite. That would be an F-150. This is Ford tough! That would be less than 1/4 cord of wood.

gypsyseagod, your roots are in the right place. I am sure that there are many fond memories of this Uvalde area. I kind of like it and am trying to brush up on my Spanish so I can better communicate with the legals and the not so legals.
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goat- you rock... i guess yer not from there ( ya would 1/2 to know 1/2 spanish)- it is a great area & i look forward to meeting you somewhere down the line - if you can ever get to a king ranch wkend or camp cookoff-that IS real cowboy cooking - but you are doing just fine - just sharing some south texas memories- i thought you were from there.
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There's some beef!!! .....and alot of it. I love it!!
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gypsyseagod, PM sent and if you need any help cooking in Corpus, i'm in!
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Very fine looking brisket's goat and very good smoke ring wish I had some right now.
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Here is a pic of me loading the briskets that a friend sent me last night.
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