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Smoked a 7 1/2 # tenderloin for mothers day and a skillet full of baked beans. Soaked in apple juice for 3 hrs then rubbed with mustard and Jeffs rib rub. Kept temps around 230-235 spraying with apple juice every 30 min. Pulled loin at 155* internal wrapped in foil and let set for 1 hr. Made up some deviled eggs and set them on the smoker for 30 min to soak up a little smoke. Loin was very tender and juicy but was not happy with smoke ring did have a good smoke flavor though, eggs had just a hint of smoke flavor and beans were very good. Was using hickory splits and even put 2 small splits of green pecan wood in there for extra smoke. Still had a weak smoke ring to me but heres a couple of pics.
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They look great! Sounds like a great meal. If you have any leftovers send them this way.
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Your smoke ring is just fine ... main thing is the taste and tenderness!

In my humble opinion ....icon_biggrin.gif
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Mmm Mmm good. Wish I had a slice of that right now!!! Looks Fantastic Marvin!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Marvin, looks good as usual. I take it there were no complaints from the family!

(I've still gotta get a cast iron skillet & muffin mold for the corn bread.)
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Marvin -

That looks fantastic! So juicy you can see it dripping.
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I've done alot of loins, and for some reason they ususally dont get a really good smoke ring. The flavor is there, though. Maybe it's because the meat is so pale when cooked?
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Looks like a nice smoke ring to me as well!
And those juices!!
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Looks good to me Marvin. Nice and juicy by looking at that cutting board.
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That loin looks delicious...I can smell it thru the screen PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif slurp drool wipe PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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That looks good! I have turned out some great loin from my grill and I'm sure it's even better from the smoker. I have added that to my "to smoke list". Thanks for the inspiration.
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looks good to me marvin. really juicy.
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Yes, what he said! I intend to try smoking one of these soon, now that you have inspired the masses!

Looks great Marvin, and I'm starvin'! biggrin.gif
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Looks great !! very hungry now...great job!!
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iam going to try a half of a loin this weekend in the four to four and a half pound range on my new brinkman smoke n pit and so far things i have done i thought was a little dry even have a water pan in there so iam following you and taking it off at 155....  great pics  looks good

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Looks good will have to give it a try.pot.gif

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