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Beef Short Ribs

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I have had braised short ribs and crock pot short ribs and have never been impressed with them. PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif Always seemed extremely fatty. Although there was some flavor, they fell far short when it came to all that greasy fat. My wife had got a great deal on them but after the crock pot disaster, she was ready to give them to the neighbor's dog.
I asked her if I could try them in the smoker. We kept a steak handy for the grill, just in case.
Started out marinating them for several hours with Iberia Mojo Criollo. I am new to this stuff, but Moderator Julio had suggested it. I decided to get a pan and put the ribs in it and pour the Mojo on them.

Also added alittle Everglades Heat, Garlic Salt and Oregano

Decided to use my old Brinkman R2D2 unit. It maintains a higher heat and since I only needed one rack and no need to add more charcoal, it would do fine. Used Hickory and some Mesquite wood. Maintained a good smoke throughout the process. Playbox Sand in the water pan for more constant temps.

After about 1 hour. Didn't look bad. Starting to brown some The juices running off the ribs was bubbling and almost like frying the ribs as they cooked. I moved them around abit so all had their turns in the juices and marinade.

Alittle over 2 hours. Hey, these don't look half bad.....hopefully they will taste good and not be tough.

At about 3 1/2 hours, I tested them and they sure seemed done.

Put them on a grate over a shallow cookie pan and let them drain any excess fat.
Cherie thought they looked great. Scooter was standing by just in case they weren't. icon_rolleyes.gif

Red Rose, Candy corn, fresh turnips/greens and smoke short Ribs with Blue Front B-B-Q sauce.
My final rating, for a first try PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
Far better than any other way I/wife have every tried.

Scooter got the rib bones. ;)
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PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Good work Flash!

I bet there wasn't much if any meat left for the dog!

I love food pics!!

Got me droolin'
I love those bones!!!

Just FYI they are actually called back ribs [ they come right off the back of a Prime Rib Roast] not short ribs.

I founds some pics to show the difference.

These are "short ribs" These are the "back ribs"

Keep up the the good work!!
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That just may be. Thanks for the info. I have seen them labeled "short ribs", "beef ribs" and "spare ribs", so kinda hard to figure out what they are, when the butcher doesn't appear to know either. icon_question.gif
So you figure these are "pre-cut" back ribs ??
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We sell those here as country style ribs. They are fatty. Good for the low and slow! I find if I pop or slice the little fatty sections after they cook awhile they render out better. I can not stand to bite into fat -ergh!

Stick A big fork into those fatty pockets and wiggle it around a bit and it gets more fat out.
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The only Country Style ribs I see around here are pork. I was always told to grill, not smoke them. Possibly because of no bones. ?
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Gee here htey are beef and have bones. There just cut into separate ribs. I don't know why. Maybe to get the fat out?
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Looks very good Flash great job.
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That is strange. Always pork if Country Style Ribs here. It will be little to no bone. If there is a bone, probably no bigger that half a thumb and at one end of rib meat. I have tried smoking them before, but was never as impressed as with real pork ribs with bone in. Guess all sections of the country have their own terminology.
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You would think it's bethe same to ake it easier.

As fatty as they are I would love to bite into those ribbies Flash!
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Surprisingly, we had little fat to contend with. One had alittle I trimmed. I don't fear fat as you do. biggrin.gif I think alot of the fat rendered out at the higher temps. We finished them up tonight.
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Fat or no they looked yummy!
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Flash those were definitely beef back ribs ( the bones off a primerib ) not beef short ribs...and they look aewsome PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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They look awesome! And yes, they look like back ribs to me also...

I've been threatening to try them, I just might throw them into the mix for the Memorial Day weekend Q, along with various other critters.
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Well ya'll should live around here...We've got country style pork and beef. We have short ribs that are beef and we have BB's, spares, and st. louis style. And we have the beef back ribs which is what I believe is what was cooked here. You can't get them all the time, but when they're around I snatch some up...The last ones I had were actually labeled beef for stewing...obviously labeled incorrectly...
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Flash that looks great! Thanks for sharing
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OK, Beef Back ribs they are. I will converse with our local butcher on this and get his statement. If he gets more in, I want to be there.
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Those look good! Was the tenderness there? How did the criollo marinade work out for you?
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Best way my wife and I have every had them....although I am probably comparing them to Beef SHORT RIBS, not Beef BACK ribs. The Mojo is very good, really enjoyed it. Tried it with some smoked fish the other day, very good also.
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