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Smoked Tuna Loaf

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I know I dont post a whole lot on here, I am mostly reading and getting ideas. LIke the fatties, great idea and I have made a few, I still want to try the pig candy maybe this weekend. I see alot of you make smoked meatloaf which I gotta try but I love smoked fish and did alot of it about twelve years ago which gave me the idea of smoked tuna loaf or salmon loaf. I used Two 12 oz. cans tuna water packed, (thats the way the wife buy's it) so I used 1/2 stick real butter for the added fat and saute'd, 1 cup of onion chopped and about 1/3 cup celery, then added to the bowl with the drained tuna 1/2 cup panko bread crumbs ( or any kind you have), 1/4 cup quick cooking oats, 2 large eggs and salt and pepper. I formed a loaf and wrapped in plastic wrap and put in the fridge to firm up. I smoked it the next day until the temp was about 160* @ 225* maybe a couple hours. I did'nt use a recipe for the loaf but I imagine you could add green peppers, cheese or whatever and lay some bacon on top, mine was very good but there is always room for improvment. Sorry I don't have any pics my camera uses a 3 1/2" floppy and isn't compatable with my computer any more.Why do they have to keep changing things ?
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but, did it taste good? :)
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It was alot better than one in the oven

Yea it was real good, better than in the oven. But like I said there is always room for improvement (well maybe I spleted improvement wrong the first time) I just like to experiment. And I know no one will mess with you at all. Take care
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That sounds really good White Cloud.

I think I'm gonna try the salmon loaf! That was an excelent Idea!

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I'm curious about the texture and if it came out too dry, mushy or just right. I like a little lemon or lime juice and other spices - especially dill.

Wife likes this idea alot and we'll be trying it soon.

Thanks for sharing and don't be a stranger!!
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