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cornish hens & brats

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after reading about the dr. pepper chicken i decided to do a couple cornish hens. i just sprinkled w/ fajita spice,uncle chris' steak season & garlic powder in the cavity & on the skin. maybe this gets me in the ottbs hehe.
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Gorgeous looking food (drooling). Nothing is greater than seeing your plan come together. Thanks for sharing.
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looks good. i love brats.
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ty ty

not sure about the pic posts and i think they were out of order- but that was 1 on the grill 2 an hour later 3-2 hrs in & 4 the thin blue smoke and finally 5 in the serving tray(sorry u scratched the skin..... but it was i and will be tomorow ( leftovers as quessadillas) good. now i got a 6 lb picnic shoulder pork marinating for tomorrow - fiesta spice blends rose wine & apple cider vinegar
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Sonds good gypsyseagod! Gotta work on those pix though! icon_rolleyes.gif
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Excellent job there,Gypsy!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
Got me droolin'
Loved the pic of the smoke.
Who cares if the pics weren't in the right order?
It was easy enough to figure out.
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Just teasing gypsyseagod the food looks great!
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getcher cook on

sorry i ripped the skin on 1 bird before serving.-100 points on presentation. and yeah.. i can take some razzing...wait until tomorrow for the picnic shoulder roast.... i work from home & have plenty time to cook.. i won't bust out "ol' blue"... my crowd cooker i bragged about & ain't finished yet. thats fer contests & caterings...tomorrow i'm doing a 6lb bone in pork shoulder roast-i will post start to finish pic. also got some great cornish hen thksgvng pics from last year i have to scan - hens, grn beans, skin on mashe garlic taters. you'll like the pics- w/ lighthouse plates ...
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hola dejay

are ya being cocky ?? cause i will go to wally world & do last year's tk-giving spread pics & queing in the 10" of snow for the super bowl-oh yeah i rock, lol great pics- now i will just have to go scan in .. just for you...
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oh yeH

ps - yeah that shark was alive & kicking( got the scar to prove it)in that pic but she cooked up damn fine & tender(that was later)i don't eat what i don't kill & i don't kill what i don't eat.. got the scars to prove most of it.. lol
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Good lookig groceries gypsyseagod.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Baby shark ...lolPDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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