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Firebox Rust

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After trying all sorts of high-temp paints and watching them flake, crumble and peel off, I think I finally found a solution to keep the rust at bay.

I was surfing the internet one day (thanks Al Gore), when I stumbled across a post by a gentleman who was having the same difficulties as me. His solution was to sand/wirebrush all the loose paint and rust off the affected area, wipe clean, then apply vegetable oil and build a fire. The idea is to "season" it like you would an iron skillet.

I tried this and it seems to work well, at least so far. Plus, it turns black, like the paint! I figure if I keep treating it, it should never rust again... at least from the outside...

Anyone try this?
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I never tried it before.But sounds like a good idea.
I'm going to try it on my Case (ecb).It is flaking and rusting on the bottom.
Thanks for the idea,
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I'm lazy. I've been just painting over the rust. I know its not the best answer, but it works for now. I've read about seasoning the firebox. Sounds like it works.
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Header paint stays to 1200F. Mine's worked in grills for years, but you repaint once a year. Once you've oiled it, though, the paint won't stay on.
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A neat simple idea. This would be so simple to try. Thanks for sharing.
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thats what i will be using on mine as well... many more colors besides black
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