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the pitboss 5000

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the woodbox holds 1/8 cord of mesquite @a time (the hottest of any wood) w/ damper & thermostat, w/a suck/flow over a fire box or horizontal pit 16'long by 8'wide into a forced flow upright 6'tall by3.5'(2 55 gal drum size)smoker chamber w/ a 155 gallon water tank- gravity fed hot & cold flow taps,separate tap for a hand washing station as per health codes,(hot goes under the wood bed),12' by 3' cabinet top w/ slide out cutting board, 4-6 door cabinets (lazy susan available),1 cord wood carrier,2 110v steam table heaters or warmer ovens( only 1 option available per standard order),fold back covered top,double axle trailer.available in goose neck or low boy style..
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Are u bragging or selling!!!
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sounds like a sales ad & it will be soon - this is my personal rig i designed & am building... from years of ttrials & design- i'm not pushing products here but if you want to contact me- i can't stop that.and i will quote a price & if you have plans for your own- e mail or message me for an estimate
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man that did sound like a sales add or a case of large azz... but to be honest, i have been designing pits for years and (believe it or not)a bro from high school went to work for nasa & another went to work for nascar(no chit) so i got geeked into this airflow thing & i was.. well.....maybe ya get the point... ya notice i ain't selling it yet & i don't have a sales link or spam site...damn, how hard to say i ain't bragging or selling.. all i can say is come cook on it 3 (yes not once)..3 times & if it's the best major pit ya ever created on-then boost a link i "may" have up by then. you can email me anytime if your serious or have ideas.
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I agree with Teacup wheres the picsssssssssssssss
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I'm not picturing it .... where's the pictures?
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Close your eyes cool.gif Now just think of "O'L 97" on steriods, rollin down the tracks. PDT_Armataz_01_42.gif I'm sure it's a beauty!
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Yep,sounds like it is a beauty....BUT where's the pics...we MUST HAVE PICS man,pics :) icon_lol.gif
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it's not quite finished yet. i don't want to send until it's ready & cooking.
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We got food porn, now where's the "equipment" porn! icon_mrgreen.gif ....Groan....
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Now ya can't go talkin the talk without picture clout!! That's illegal in some states. It's like saying Oh, I have something important to tell you...ah, never mind...
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i agree... even pictures of a half built smoker is good porn,.... we can image the rest that is not
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i'll try to get down there this wk & get some pics, we're just getting real close to "domino" time w/ the wifey so a lot is on hold for the moment(or next 22 years)lol.
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wish i had the scanner for the plans & like i said it's a travel to take pics of what we started- but i found this site which is what we had in mind- except the pitboss ain't that professional & the water tank is 110 gals gravity fed on the front- but this just crushed my day
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