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Good Evening from Tennessee

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Howdy folks! My name's Mike, and as the username and title suggest, I'm from Tennessee (Nashville, TN). I've been smoking now for about a year. I've got a Brinkmann box-style charcoal smoker that I modified with a gas burner BEFORE I found out about the GOSM Big Block - go figure (cost about the same, too). I've had good luck with smoking butts and turkey breasts, but my spareribs have been coming out very tough. I look forward to reading and sharing my experiences where appropriate. Thanks, and happy smoking!
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Welcome Mike to SMF'll find lots of great advice here and the peeps are awesome...check out the numerous posts on the 3-2-1- method for your ribs ,they'll never be the same (tough ) again PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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can i advise or offer a suggestion- smoking ribs.. on the heat(depending on the heat & the meat)30 mins each side-i flip every 15 mins to keep juices running(thats grilling)then move off the heat to the smoke-1 to 2 hrs(i don't do temps i watch the color) never ever use a fork to turn meat.baste or spritz every 30 mins. if this ain't a competition(even if it is),and you have time- covered oven or cover in smoker on 220ish for 45 mins- thats fall of the bone done.yer looking @ 3.5 hrs to 4 hrs tops- even for comp- ya got 'er done ....
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Thanks for the welcome and the advice, Tim. I'm headed to the 3-2-1 posts now.
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Welcome Mike - we'll have you smokin great food in no time. Look arounds and read all the wonderful info.

Have you signed up for Jeff free 5 day eCourse yet? Good place to start!
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Thanks for the welcome, Debi! I haven't signed up yet, but will look into it.
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welcome to SMF....

i took the ecourse last week just to see what it was all about, take it, lots of info on it
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Welcome aboard the SMF!
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I signed up tonight. Or last night, as it's early morning here.
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Welcome mike, glad u found us!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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welcome mike to SMF prepare your brain for the wealth of information you'll find in here and don't forget about the porn
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Welcome aboard Mike.
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Thanks to all for the welcome! You all are most kind. I'll be sure to start taking food porn shots to share with all.
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Welcome to SMF.
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Welcome to SMF MikeinTN!!! Enjoy the forums.
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Welcome to SMF. 3-2-1, only way for ribs. Hands down.
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