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Pork Cuff

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Was wondering if any of you have ever heard of a cut of pork called a pork Cuff. Was talking this morning with Ben Lang and he mentioned he had thrown a couple "Pork Cuffs" on his smoker this morning and conversation got to somthin else befoe I could ask him what that was. Is it a regional term??
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Have never heard of it here. I suspect that it would be near the hocks or are the hocks.

be iteresting if anyone knows for sure.
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Sorry ..I never heard of that before either...may be a regional thing...could it be like ..ham hocks...
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IMO which usually means nothing..lol

but a cuff to me would be where a joint moves... like rotator cuff.... shoulder joint
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Well you sure got me stumped!! I even called my little brother (still cutting meat for a living) and he doesn't have a clue although he thought it might have something to do with the shoulder joint/forearm part of the hog.
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Is it possible you misunderstood him? I can't even guess what a "cuff" could be.
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Theresa...its not a term used in the proper nomenclature....must be something somebody decided to call it ,sometimes some shops will do this icon_rolleyes.gif
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As a Chef I've never heard of them either.
But a cuff on clothes is located at the ankle or wrist and that is where a pork hock is located.That would be my guess.Kinda sounds like a British saying(or maybe Redneck?).
It'll be interesting to find out.
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