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Regarding the slicing ... you will get better with experience and in the meantime remember, it doesn't affect taste and, you can tell folks you pulled it with a knifeicon_biggrin.gif
Looks great to me!
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No, I rinsed it once before putting the rub on the night before..I will definitly try your rinse and soak method on the next one..Thanx DB BBQ
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Ah Monday morning porn !! Great looking now I am hungry!!I'll have to post my smoke latter today maybe even tomorrow , wife has the camara
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Dan -

Anything that has been brined needs to be rinsed and soaked many times to get the salt out.
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I don't smoke my corned beef, but I never soak em before I put them in the crock pot. Is it something you just do to smoke a corned beef?
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Rodger -

Looking back over the posts ... I don't know if this was store bought or home made corned beef. I think we may have assumed it was homemade.

I don't think store bought ones are packaged in brine are they? It's been years since I bought a corned beef but I can't remember rinsing one from the store - just boiled it with taters, carrots and cabbages. PDT_Armataz_01_10.gif
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yup store bought ones are in

when you boil it, you really dont have to rinse it because you are boiling it with root vegetables and cabbage which take alot of the salt away, but it is a good idea to give it a quick rinse..

if you dont rinse them b4 you smoke them, it just concentrates the salt flavor and makes it like your are eating really salty beef jerky for example...

side note:
in canada, mostly on the east coast we have beef in a bucket, cant remember the name exactly but same idea as corned beef,
fellow canadians help me out with the
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Good point Teacup and the taters and cabbages eat salt like crazy.
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Thanks for the pictures. I am now trying to figure out if I really need to sleep at night, I could be smoking up some lunch for tomorrow instead.
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Cheech,if the next one is as good or hopefully better WHO NEEDS SLEEP
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