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Hmmmm, very interesting. I will have to look into this a bit. I mean that I know that pastrami is basically smoked corned beef, but are the brine seasonings that much different? Would a good rinse of a store bought corned beef and then grinding in the pastrami rub for the smoke work well enough to suit my needs? Well I guess this gets added to my "Stuff to do list".

My wife gets real nervous when I start to brine anything, who am kidding? She gets nervous about frozen foods, or anything in the fridge for more than a day and she has to see the thermometer on anything I cook and likes all of her food cooked to a crisp.

But pastrami, now there is a lunch meat that I can't get enough of! I am gonna have to get a little steamer that I can take to work so I can steam it just a bit and put it in a sandwich with some good brown mustard, pickle and onion! Mmmmmmm, Puhhhhsrtaaaahmeee....
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1st... i only use store bought corned beef, i rinse them under cold water the night before...place in a large ziplock bag(big container would do), change with cold water a couple more times during the night.. i dont use the seasonings in the corned beef pkg because i like my pickling spices in pickles..lol

2nd... my wife is almost the same... but i did convert her to medium rare steaks(pats my self on the back..lol)

3rd... i love them as well, growing up we ate more beef than pork and corned beef and pastrami were always my favorites

you forgot the good rye bread, i like the marbled kind, dark and light rye
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