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Essential Tools for Smoking

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Is there a basic list of tools one needs for smoking?

I have a Char Griller Outlaw with side firebox, 14" tongs, long fire gloves, 3 seperate thermometers, meat therm, oak, hickory, and pear, etc...

I see mention in several threads about the bear claw for pulling pork. Where do you get this from?

Are there any other essentials?

I think it would be a good idea to start a thread and make it a sticky and leave it at the top of the appropriate category.

If this is in the wrong area, please feel free to move it to the appropriate.

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Lee -

I think it's a good idea. I would probably have put it in the general discussion area, but a sticky is probably a good idea for newbies.

I would add that you should aways keep a fire extinguisher nearby
a spray bottle to spray apple juice or whatever mixture you use
maybe a mopping brush
and lots of spices!
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I bought my bear claws on Ebay.
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I've got these big forks that look like pitchforks I bought from Pampered Chef but I can't find the link to them. They work great for shreading and carrying big meats. May have to just take a picture.
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i have a variety of spices; i use kitchen tools (tongs, knives, etc). i have a poker i keep by the smoker. i have my meat thermometer i always use. i just got new toy to use also- a save-a-meal vacuum sealer (rival brand).
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Thanks for the replies. Good tips. I'll be picking up what I am missing

Maybe, I'll repost in the general discussion area.

Thanks Again!
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If you want the true essentials, here they are: meat, heat, smoke. All the rest are for show. LOL
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slicer, saves sooooo much time for jerky and anthing else you need to slice a lot of.
Bear claws, got mine on eBay, love em'
Thermometers - must have
Vacuum sealer - perfect for saving and freezing left overs.

Debi, I think you're referring to turket lifters...
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You may want to add Pam to your list. Pams sure helps with the cleanup of cooking grates.
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U forgot BEER!PDT_Armataz_01_30.gif
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You said it best! .... icon_lol.gif
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Welcome Lee,

Lump charcoal is helpful,neoprene food handler gloves for brisket/pork butt, lots of aluminum foil & plastic wrap(wide variety on both), assorted sizes of aluminum pans. The save n seal vaccum sealers are great for the leftovers. I am sure there are other items I have left out.

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Bingo! That's an absolute must! I also like my Pigtail flipper.
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Shell -

Those are pretty close I think my tines are a bit closer though. Grea for tuning briskets and pig butts! PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

Les -

How did I forget the wrap? I'm always running low on one or the other!
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