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Well folks,we are going to try to get a king or two for the smoker tomorrow.The club I belong to hosts an outing for the disabled veterans every year and we go over early and fish for a couple hours before the Vets show up.Hope to get some kings for the smoker.
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so are you using the rub?

I have to find my brinning tub and clean it, (wallmart speacial)
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Sorry to say we didnt box any kings today.We fished before the Vets arrived and caught our 2 man limit of coho but we couldnt get any kings.When we went back out with our disabled vets we had a very elderly man and a 30 ish gal,neither was very mobile and the lake got a little rough so we had a hard time getting back out to where we got the fish earlier and when we did get there not much time to fish.However we did manage to box 6 Cohos for our guests.Fella in the Green shirt is my freind Terry who is blind and his left hand is gone.But for him this outing is a big deal to give something to those he feels less fortunate then him.I always crew for him on his boat for this event.
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