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Smoked cheese

Welcome to SMF Lisa...Lots of great people Tons of knowledge!!!Hears a trick I heard somewere for smoking cheese but have not tried... First let the cheese set out @ room temp for a bit and form a thin skin. Then in your smoker or large grill, place a piece of your favorite dry smoking wood with 2-3 hot charcoal briquets on top, this will be enough to produce smoke but very little heat. Must keep temp below 100 degrees. For best results try on a cool day or at night this will help maintain cold smoke..Smoke for 3/4 - 1 hour and sample the reward for all your hard work!!! Let us know how it comes out..Apple smoke is one of my favorites for cheese..GOOD LUCK...DB BBQPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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thanks DB BBQ for the hint for cheese, but what kind of cheese is usually used and how big a block (or wheel)?

Lisa :)
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you can smoke any kind of cheese, but typically a hard type like chedder or even swiss....... to be honest I don't think I'd smoke it for as long as he suggested, typically about 15 minutes is enough, much longer will impart such a strong smoke flavor it may be uneatable......
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Hi Lisa,Im David and Im from Ripley WVA.Thats in Jackson County about 40 miles north of Charleston.I had the great fortune to visit Colorado Springs in the late seventies,I loved the place.My brother was in the military there and I went out and spent the whole summer with him and his family,kind of a graduation present as I had just graduated high school.What part of WVa are you from?Im very glad to have you here on the forum,we need all the Mountanieers we can get here.Please feel free to PM me if you would like,see you around and enjoy the forum,David [dacdots]
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Browse around, lot of good info here.
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Welcome to the show Lisa. I live in Denver, but spent 4 yrs in CS. Like it much better than Denver. Good bunch of folks here. Btw, are your brothers CO state troopers? A good friend of mine is married to one down there in the springs. Also, if you're looking for a good butcher, I can highly recommend one out in Aurora. Sam's meats. I can't think of the address but pm me and I'll look it up for you.

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hola lisa - some good lookin' ribs ya had. welcome (new here too). looking forward to exchanging tips & tricks w/ ya- gypsy
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