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Chicken Breasts

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Well I am attempting my first chicken breast I just put them in the smoker at 6:15pm est. along with to JD fatties. I will post some pics mid way thru and the finished product later. Well it is 8:10 and all is done smoking. Here are some picsCan't figure out why everything cooks so fast, checked all the thermoms again and they are all close at the boiling point.

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Wow!. They both look good. I've never done chicken breast or fatties so I'm not sure of the average cook time. I'm gonna have to try it!
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IMAO the reason for the quick cook time is that there was a small quantity of food in the smoker and you didn't have to displace as much cold, and chicken breasts and fatties are fairly thin pieces of meat. Thus the quick cook time.
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Lookin good shorty, i just did a 2# fattie at 250* and it was done about 2 hrs, chicken is small so that's probably righticon_mrgreen.gif
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Great go shorty...they look tasty,slurp slurp :)
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Looking good Shorty. That chicken looks so juicy die for. Pics are also top notch. Have fun.
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Looks Great. 2 hrs for ckn breasts is about what i run mine for i do alot of ckn breasts nobody here likes the dark meat.
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Looks real good there Shorty!
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Speak for yourself. wink.gif Wife loves good smoked leg quarters....just gotta be well done for her.
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Chicken parts don't take that long hon ... they're great for feeding your smoke addiction during the work week!

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