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Now we are on a roll. Ive compiled a list of the ingredients mentioned and will posy them all. I will also post them lol
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pepperoni or proscuitto
crushed tomatoe
black and/or green olives
grated romano or parmesan
italian/cuban peppers
olive oil
Anchovies just for scotty.
1-place some olive oil in a pre heated fry pan.
2- have all ingredients cut and/or diced
3- add to the fry pan
tomatoes-meat-mushrooms-olives-onions-and peppers.
Sautee till soft.
Ill bet a bit of finely chopped celery will add a
lot of flavor. Also will add flavour for all made in canada
or england.

Roll out sausage of choice. I will try a extra
fatty italian sausage blend
Add fried ingredients and sprinkle with
mozzarella. Chopped or shreaded.
shake on some grated cheese too

roll up the fattie and smoke according to the
standard method
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Another bump....

Q-Bubba, Thanks for posting. I am going to try one of these while I watch the OSU/LSU game AND while it is 60 deg here in Meeechigan.
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How about some Asiago or Provolone cheese?
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i already did a italian fattie...........turned it into a fattie wellington..........was GREAT..........used abit of pizza sauce, and mozz. cheese, shrooms.
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i was wondering at what temp do you pull the fatty and wont the stuff you put inside the fatty mess with temp
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