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my first fattie

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after reading for so long about a fattie, i decided to try one... i am not a big fan of breakfast sausage unless its in biscuits and gravy...

we used a Bob Evans Zesty Spicy one, it didnt lose alot of spice icon_razz.gif

gotta say that this is my favorite way to prepare them and the missus agrees...these are so good

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You just never look at breakfast sausage the same after you smoke a fatty!
Yet to try Bob Evans, but it's coming. Yours looks really good. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Teacup....I never would have guessed that ,that was your first fatty ? ...I am goin to have to make my own FATTY.. since I can't even buy one in my corner of the world !! glad you enjoyed it though ..I will get to makin some sausage soon and try one myself ! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I made a run by the Commissary (Navy grocery store) Friday just to see if they had briskets or tri tips - they usually have grade B meat whatever that means so I only buy the chickens.

Anyway they had these Bob Eveans sausages and I had never heard of them but they were HUGE! Must have been 16 inches long! Same thickness, but really long. I almost bought one to try but they didn't have them in HOT so I didn't. I really like the JD hot ones.

Are they anything like Jimmy Dean sausages?
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on the pkg it says " pork,ham & tenderloins included." i saw the big chubs of sausages as well but wanted to try a smaller version first...

as for difference, yes i think Bob Evans is actually a little better quality than JD, when you eat this sausage, the texture seems like a good homemade sausage.. one word.. meaty

T-bone Tim:

thanks for the compliment.... i am getting to know my smoker better, the last couple of smokes were strictly charcoal and not propane like usual...


i always us JD's for biscuits and gravy... i have just been converted to Bob Evans because i really like the texture and taste of the sausage.. makes me feel like i am eating real meat not who knows what you get in a sausage
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Although it's easier I think you'll like the flavor better with charcoal. You'll also get a better smoke ring. That's all I ever used in my All-in-One. The propane is good to start the coals with! Get about 6 or 8 going and when they start to turn grey - push them to the side and add more charcoal to the middle and put the hot ones on top. Works great and last quite a while. Put your wood to the outside edges so it doesn't get a lot of heat and they'll smolder nice and slow
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We love fatties here. Yours look so good. We always use fatties to fill extra space in the smoker and freeze the extras for later. Congrats on such a successful smoke.
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Fatties are so good when they first come off the grill! Keeps you hapy while you wait for the real dinner to cook!
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I just tried my first fattie today. I put it in with my pork shoulder early this morning, I will admit I was apprehensive about trying one, for whatever reason it didn't sound good. Boy was I wrong! It was awesome, I used JD regular covered in me favorite rub. Very good breakfast!!!!
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FATTIES do a body good :D
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What is that in the bowl in the first pic ? did you re-roll the fatty after some seasoning or what ?
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nope that was my meatloaf...

my first fattie, i left it neked,,, sprayed with some apple juice/coke/Franks hot sauce
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Looking good Teacup!!! Throw a couple of them on next time now that you know you like them. They freeze great, and make for a fantastic breakfest on the weekends with some eggs and cheese grits!!PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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