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My meats loafing

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well here it is saturday night and just got done prepping some ground beef for a modified version of meowey's meatloaf..first off i have 5.5# of beef and throwing in a fattie of jimmy dean maple snausage. i used milk instead of water and added some extra onion and garlic plus a hint of old bay

i am planning on breaking it up into 3 loafs so that i can spice and flavor each one different, 1 cajun seasoning, 1spicy chipolte and 1 kinda on the sweet side for the wife,

Oh yeah i used town house crackers instead of bread crumbs,only because i forgot to pick some up,
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i have basically the same thing on the menu

dark picture but from the left, chipotle bbq sauce, bullseye a1 bbq sauce,bob evans, and Tony C's
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You gotta love meatloaf. Glad to see it coming together for you all.
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I see you left your medicine out on the counter.

I also see my favorite chicken seasoning....Old Bay.
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Lookin good guysPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif are we smokin those babies tonite??
Keep us updated
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tommorrow i'll put them on about 10 or 10:30 and go from there
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Be sure to let us know how they taste and post some more porn
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Don't forget the pics.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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ready to cook

here are the three loaves ready to put on the is seasoned cajun 1 chipolte and 1 with a touch of br. sugar. all three have diced pepperoni in them

the taters are sliced in half and when they get softened up i'll remove them and whip the insides with bacon bits butter and garlic and put them back in for some real smoke....mouths watering already
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getting closer

here's the progress report..the loaves are looking awsome with a great aroma, i glazed them with meowey's glaze right after i snapped the pics.

The potatoes i just got done gutting them and adding butter, garlic powder and onion flakes with some parsley and will top with colby longhorn cheese upon exit from the ECB

WooHoo i just found some salmon filets gonna throw them on too
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Hmmm now let's see here, 9 divided by 2 = 4 1/2. Care to elaborate as to where the other spud half went?
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That looks great Linescum! Meatloaf and taters ..... yummmmmmm!

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i should have thrown another one on for loss you always have loss during a smoke and i didn't compensate for it...LOL
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man talk about a feast it was's the finished products..going to take nap now

Oh yeah i almost forgot to thank all of you for the knowledge you'all are willing to share and make these great feasts possible not to mention the tutorage that is given when a person has a problem or question it is always answered swiftly and without a lot of the BS that you would find in other forums. Cudos and thanks to a great bunch of people
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Gotta love meatloaf. Looks great!
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Kudos to u my friend, 10:30 and i'm drooling againPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif well worth the wait!
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