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Fatty question

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For my third smoke I wanted to do some jerky and a couple of Fatties . Should I season the fatties or not? I'll making my own sausage, but may get a couple of story bought ones just to see how they turn out. As always thanks for everyone for your help.

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i always use jimmy dean sage flavor. i do not add any thing to it, just smoke it for 1.5 hours, flip, and smoke another 1.5 hours. yum yum. i slice mine for sausage sammies. if using regular flavor, it needs some help. the hot flavor comes out not so hot. the heat gets smoked out i guess, like jalapenos. also run your smoker at 225° for the smoke. i think jerky smokes at a lower temp. i have never smoked jerky, i do it in the oven.
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just be sure to cook em to 145* if ur gonna eat later or 160* to eat em now, like chris said, the sage need's nothing (except for some bacon)

Or make ur own, here's 2 rolled out, filled and wrapped........YUMMY!!!

Lot's of possibilities but at least try a plain one and go from therePDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Those sure look good Bubba! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Jeff, the fattie does need smoked at a higher temp than jerky(from what I've read here). The fattie is only limited by your imagination. The popular way at our house is to use Jimmy Dean, roll out flat, then lay many strips of pepper jack cheese w/a few strips of bacon, roll back up and wrap in bacon.

I've used onions, I liked it but wife & kids didn't, japalenos(sp?) same as onion one, no cheese(kinda blah), and chedar cheese.

SMoke to 160*, slice and serve. IF leftovers, they can be heated up in microwave. Really good on english muffins w/more cheese(pepr jk, chedar, etc)

I guess I'd do the jerky separate from the fatties. But then again, go for it! Just cook to 160*. No rules on smoke'n.........that I tend to follow anyway. icon_rolleyes.gif
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Chris ,

Thank you! I have a friend of mine who smokes jerky all the time,I'll find out what temp he does it at. Man smoking sure is addictive!!!!!!!

Thanks again!

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Great pictures! I have know doubts that I will be stuffing one or two of those bad boys! thanks
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Hey Bubba, what a great idea, don't know why it never occurred to me to roll it out and stuff 'em ... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks for the advice! I am really glad to have a site like this to go to. All of you are a great help.

You know I may never cook in doors again!

Good eats!

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Wow! Now this is thinking outside the box. Thanks for the posting!
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Some good thoughts and ideas. I do fatties alot and take them to an int. temp of 160 using a box temp of 225-250. We freeze extras for later use and they are just as good reheated. I have tried variations of seasonings, cover with bacon, not covered with bacon and I finally determined they are just as good straight from the wrapper to the smoker (my opinion).
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Your absolutely right and your last pic is freaking awesomeicon_mrgreen.gif
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