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tomorrows whole chicken smoke

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got a good deal on a whole chicken so decide to brine and smoke it..

3 parts coke/pepsi
1 part beer(canadian cuz its what i had laying
garlic powder
onion powder
italian seasoning
Tony C's
Franks Hot Sauce

pics of chickens rubbed a little b4 they went into brine

pics of chicken soaking up all the flavor from the brine

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Looks like it should be mighty tasty teacup...keep us updated!!

Speaking of brining, does anyone here brine their chicken thighs before there a marked difference if you do being that it's already a moist cut to smoke??

sorry teacup didn't mean to hijack your thread
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Looks good Teacup!


I do sometimes just because I put alot of garlic and spice in the brine and it pickes it up. Then I inject it with the stuff to.
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your not highjacking the thread...tis ok

i have brined my chicken thighs b4...

as with Debi, i put alot of garlic and heat in my brine so brining only enhances it more
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Nice hijack TheresaPDT_Armataz_01_35.gif lol............i did thighs last month in a standard brine (salt, sugar, some spice's and water) but i think i made a boo boo by not rinsing the chicken before i smoked. Excellent flavor and VERY moist but a tad bit on the salty side. Shreaded the leftover meat and made somebody's almost famous enchilada's! YUMMYPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Sounds great bubba....pulled chicken enchilada's!!! As far as the brining, haven't tried it yet but made some thighs last weekend that everyone seemed to like other then the crisp skin issue. Gonna try the brining and injecting next time and crisp the skin on the grill with glaze. Would like everyone to know, BBQ Bubba aka, Steve, has joined the "Smokin' Scotsmen" team and we are proud of it! Happy to have you aboard.

Ok teacup, youv'e officially been hijacked....sorrytongue.gif
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After I started brining the chicken i refuse to cook chicken without brining it first.When I did the chicken last weekend as the internal temp got to 165 (thigh)I open the air intake all the way and the cooker temp got up to 350 for about 20 minutes the skin was a little better but next time I will crank it up at 150.I pulled it at 180 for fear of the breast getting dried out but that was not an issue.When I do just parts I run the cooker hotter right away to try to crisp the skin.
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I'm not sure why it works but I cook my chickens and turkeys at 225 for the first few hours and 250 for the rest and the skin is usually crispy. I aslo apple juice spray it dripping wet and flip it several times. Tonights 10 pounder took 4 hours.
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well i am glad i decided to smoke yesterday because it has been raining all day...

here is yesterdays results....

plated with creamed corn, 4 cheese pasta

there were leftovers as usualy, last night the missus came up with chicken quesadilla, recipe to follow
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Dang Jeff, that looks fantastic!!!! Drooling now. Sitting here sipping a diet snapple that just isn't cutting it after seeing those

That bird has beautiful color on it....nice job!! Great food porn!!!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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thank you thank you

forgot to mention, i have been trying different ways to smoke...

i started with electric, went to propane, have used an old fridge with an offset firebox but never really used charoal that much..

the last two smokes have been entirely with charcoal. i figure i want to learn all the ways to smoke.

overall, charcoal takes some getting use to and i like the flavor it gives..more to come

the missus wants some pulled meat sammiesPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I love charcoal! Next to all wood it's the best!
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