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just on board!

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Hello all, I've been lurking and getting good tips for a few days now, and decided to register. I live in Lawrence, Kansas, home of the Kansas Jayhawks. I have been smoking meat sporadically for years on various smokers/grills. I have used bullet style smokers, offset firebox units, and recently purchased a smoke hollow electric unit, my first electric. I was hesitant to go electric, but I am unable to tend a fire full time anymore.
I've done st. louis style ribs and brisket in it so far and they both turned out well, my past briskets never turned out well, and after I learned about the temp. plateu here, I now know why. Look forward to more great tips and visiting with fellow smoke junkies. Anyone else have a smoke hollow electric and want to share tips, experiences with it? I look forward to hearing from all, see ya!
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Welcome to the SMF shortribks. Youv'e come to the right place for all things smoked!! Be sure to check out Jeff's free 5 day eCourse, it's great for the new smoker as well as the "seasoned cook". Great folks here so jump right in with any and all questions and comments!!

Glad you found us!
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welcome to SMF... there is lots of info on this board.. again welcome
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welcome to SMF
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Welcome, welcome! Glad you decided to join up.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome aboard! The stuff you will learn from here will have you cranking out some delicious meats from your electric smoker.
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Welcome shortribks. You will learn to love your electric smoker and it will do you proud. Like everything else it is just a learning experience. I recently bought a Bradley electric and have learned to love it. The fine folks here will be more than happy to share experiences with. Have fun.
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Welcome shortribks, glad u found usPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Welcome Shortibks -

Glad you decided to join us! Sounds like you've got a bit of background we'll be looking forward to seeing your grub!
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Welcome to SMF shortribks!!! Enjoy the forums.
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Good to see you here shortribsks and nice to hear that you find the posts helpful. I have a Smoke Hollow propane and have recently been asking about temp problems. Do you/have you had similar issues?

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Welcome to SMF.
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Welcome aboard to SMF shortribsks...lots of good peeps and info on this site..glad your here !PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Welcome to the forum shortribks. Glad to have you with us. Another Ks. person... keep any small pets or children away from BigAl.. he will surely want to put them in the traeger.

Keep Smokin
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Welcome aboard shortribks.
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Glad to have you here.
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