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stuffed chicken breast

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decided to try something different tonight... got some chicken breasts already stuffed with dressing, sprayed them with cooking spray, rubbed, garlic & onion powder with some Tony C's

went away from my normal propane smoker and went with some charcoal..smoked with a combo of apple,hickory & mesquite...

the missus said they tasted better than any smokehouse she has ever eaten...icon_mrgreen.gificon_mrgreen.gif we have eaten at alot of

next will be chicken breasts stuffed with some italian sausage.... i am so glad the missus loves chicken

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Lookin Good Teacup! Can't go wrong with chicken breast you can do soooo much with them!
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say it with me Debi, teacup...once again...
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Opps! It's WAY PAST my bedtime!
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Look Great.
funny thing i was just thinking about trying to smoke some stuffed b/s breasts tonight.
guess you just made up my mind. thanks teacup.
i'll post what i used for stuffing and results l8ter
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lickin my lips here dang that looks good
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Good job teacup. They look absolutely great. Keep us posted on the sausage stuffed ones when you do them. I love the flavor of sausage.
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i sure will... i have smoke/grilled them before but never completely on the smoker... as soon as chicken breasts go on sale again..
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Mmm Mmm Mmm, they look so very fine teacup.....drooling. Defintley on my to do list!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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good job Teacup. I have to admit at this point I have more success doing indiret charcoal/smoke cooking with my horizontal. For instance I did a small pork roast this weekend on it, rubbed with honey mustard and pepper. The girlfriend said it was the best pork she ever had. It was tender, juicy, cut with a fork. Yummy.

Anyway, nice looking chickens.

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That looks great !! Fine job!!
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