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I recently tried my hand at venison sausage and it came out pretty good. Made Brats and summer sausage. I add grape seed oil to the batch instead of bacon or other meats because the wife won't eat those. Do the same for hamburger and it really keeps it from drying out.

Recently shot an Elk. Talk about a step above venison. This stuff is great. Have to be careful because it really takes on the flavor of a marinade.

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Well every link I have found and tried brings me to the daily forum page ... am I doing something wrong? What little I have found is about brining ... can I do a roast without brining? I'd apprecate some help here if possible ... thanks.
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click wild game, below the few threads there is a box that says display options change in the from The box to begining.

I'm not sure but i dont thing deer will take brining verry well.
as far as a roast I would go low and slow around 200 or 215. depending on if it has some fat on it or not wrap it in bacon.
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I brine all my wild game. I think it helps it to retain it's natural juices.
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Oh hell no. I take them home and grill them immediately. That is what it is all about there.
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Smoked deer ribs

Almost everyone around here would just cut the meat out for burger, we've done about 4 racks of ribs. Same method as regular pork ribs. The come out excellent. Two racks still in the freezer!! PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif They didn't dry out at all.
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Thanks for the info on how to access all the threads ... now I can stop bugging ppl for recipes and such. It is all there as Gunslinger had said, but I was too dense to figure it out ... doh!icon_biggrin.gif
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