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mods+patience=mmm mmm

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Smoked (Hickory and Cherry):
2 Racks Baby Backs & 1 Beer Can Chicken

Ribs- Flavorful AND tender; Finally. Best yet .
Chicken (beer can, brined)- Too full to eat any. Tonights dinner! Will advise.

Reason: Mods and Method

1-Removed two plugs at top/right to allow for better reverse smoke flow.
2-Added two baking sheets full of water to spread the heat.

1-Mustard plus rub, night before.
2-Modified 321 (2.75/2.50/.75ish) with Apple Juice Wrap
3-Mopped w/sauce during .75
4-Added oven thermometers for more accuarate grate temperature readings.
5-Cooked between 210* and 220* with few temp spikes.
6-Pre-heated the wood atop the firebox again, boy am I SOLD on that.

I cannot wait to try this again with additional mods and apple wood.
Can anyone tell me how good apple really is? This cherry is so dang good it's incredible. If apple is better I'm gonna cry.......

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don't want too make you bawl but if i had enough apple wood that would be my main wood,,i like cherry but imho apple beats it hands down
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Mike -

There all good. Besides now you'll have an excuse to try it all over again, and again and again. Just think how many woods are out there! PDT_Armataz_01_14.gif
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Can't wait. One phone call and all the apple I can use for free.....
Think I'll go get some for the next smoke.

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I did a pork loin today with a mix of apple and hickory. I thought about going all apple but have not used it before and didn't want to ruin my loin. Next time I will go all apple. Nice sweet smoke flavor.
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Hmmmmmmmmm that reminds me I was supposed to get a call from the apple orchard to help them prune for the wood ... gotta call them. PDT_Armataz_01_20.gif
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i second that...

i like using hickory and mesquite every now and then. Hands down though my preferred and most used wood is apple.. havent found anything that doesnt go with the apple flavor
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Alot of people are going to tell you how great apple is, and I agree. But you need to try it for yourself. Everyone has diferent taste. But you won't be upset.
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I've got an apple source nearby and will be utilizing soon.
When I preheat the cherry, it is impossible for me NOT to pick up a log and bring it to my nose. It's heaven..... If apple is anything like cherry, it'll be awesome.

The chicken was pretty darn good. Will use a rub on it next time...the brine didn't give a blast of flavor like expected though still delicious, not overpowering.

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The only problem is that you forgot the pictures. I myself want to see pix of the mods you've done to your smoker.
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