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What kind of wood are you using? When I smoked on my bullet I kept the smoke going all the time, but it all depends on the wood and how much smoke you are getting.

I'd say the entire time.
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Right Now I'm Using Mesquite.when It's Time To Add I Was Thinking About Some Hickory To Finish It Off
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I've never over smoked anything(that I can remember anyway), but I've heard that you have to watch mesquite as it can make the meat bitter. On my bullet all I could get locally was hickory(from groc store). Now I use mesquite and pecan pellets all the time in the traeger.

I think your idea should work fine, mesquite at first then hickory later.

Good luck, wish I could help more.
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Thanks Big Al, I Feel A Little More Comfortable Now.
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Hey camo, glad u found us...PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
As far as the smoke goes, save your wood, once the meat hit's 140, it won't accept smoke after that anyways, hope to see pic's.....PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thanks Bubba For Another Bit Of Info On This Site Of A Wealth Of Knowledge. I Can't Get Enough.
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I often throw hickory and mesquite in together at the same time and it doesn't seem to matter. I have smoked with just mesquite it goes nice with chicken just keep it light.
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i use usually oak and mesquite. sometimes i use oak and pecan. i have used all pecan, all oak, and all mesquite too. i really like the taste (and smell) of mesquite. i smoke the whole cook most of the time.
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i am so jealous of u texas boy's! i love mesquite but hard to get up here...
the chunk's in the bag ARE NOT the same as your backyard woodPDT_Armataz_01_33.gif
(spent some time there and a oldtimer showed me how to do PROPER brisketPDT_Armataz_01_11.gif LOL
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I think when it comes to mesquite, a little is better than alot. After your first cook you can judge for the next one. I think taditionally, in Central Texas, they're all about the post oak.
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Everyone has their favorites but it's all about what YOU like best. Try them alone and see which you like best then adjust from there.
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post oak and mesquite are available everywhere here, just about. i got some live oak from my bro (seasoned wood). i have 3 pecan trees in my yard i get wood from. plus, the lady behind me (same landlord) has some pecan trees i get wood from. then there is the house across the street from me, i get pecan from two of her 4 trees. marvin (msmith) wanted to cut down two of her trees, hehe.
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Yes I did want to cut down a couple of them trees but thought I better behave my self lol. I see a lot of folks like using mesquite wood my preference is pecan wood. I have some mesquite but wont burn it in my smoker not that I have anything really against it. The real reason I dont use it is because my neighbor next door to me eats a lot of meat off my smoker and she is allergic to mesquite, I dont want to take a chance of getting her sick. She has a lot of health problems already and everytime I cook I will take her a plate over. So I would rather be save than sorry, Its kinda nice to have such a good neighbor as she is.
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marvin, you want some oak? i need to go to my brother's and get the rest of that live oak i have over there. there is also some pecan there too, i need to get it also.
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Was Only My Second Brisket And It Was Much Better Than The First. I Think A Couple More Times And I Might Reach Perfection. Only Smoked It About 6 Hrs. Finished It. Wrapped It In Foil For Was Good. I'm Going Finish The Leftovers Tonight.
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Good job CAMOCOOK! Job well done! I will say this though, you will never "perfect" it. You'll always be looking to try something different to try to take it up a notch. You won't do as many as you did during the perfection, but each time you will add/take something out of the rub, foil/no foil, lower/higher temp....etc. Once I had mine "perfect" for us, I started try'n different things, THAT is when it gets fun.

Hold your head high and be proud of what you did, cause you did great. But next time it WILL be even better.

We're proud of ya!

What's next on the list after brisket?
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Thanks Big Al. This Weekend I Have One Rack Of Ribs And A Whole Chicken On The Agenda. There's Only Two Of Us.
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Yeah...what Big Al said!!!!
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