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Look at my BUTT!!!!!!!

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and here we go again..here's todays grub for your enjoyment it's an 8.8# shoulder roast that i'm going to pull later, marinated for 2 days in stubbs pork marinade and rubbed down with some durkees rub and chipolte..gonna be a perfect day here, i hope, temps in the high 70's slight wind.

I might have to finish it off in the oven though due to a last minute change in some plans but that's not final yet
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Nice butt linescum! I'm doing ribs today, just got done prep'n and soak'n in rub and apple juice and Capt.Morgan(just a tad).

Can't wait to see your butt in the smoker!PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif Then ripped to shreds!PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif

I need to learn to plan ahead so I can marinade a few days ahead of time. Is this what you usually do?
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usually my butts i like to marinade for 2-3 days if i can..i try not to use a very salty rub due to the meat being pre- enhanced
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Your butts bigger than mine ! icon_sad.gif

but ... I have a brisket as well icon_lol.gif

I'll show you mine ... if you show me yours!
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I love looking at butts, and pulling them is safer than pinching them! LOL

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Order of the Belching White Smoke

Can't get that thin blue stuff so i'm going to start another coat of arms
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My butt ain't big it's HUGE

Here it is after 2 1/2 hours, Stomachs growling the mutts are growlin eveyones hungry should have got some fatties but oh well i'll have to suffer
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Very nice, I've gotta start the smoker NOW! Make'n me hungry!

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Looking good. Butts were my smoke for the weekend also. Can't wait to see the end product.
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LMAO Linescum, been there done that, did it even out for ya?? Love how you added it to your tag line.......... can I be #3 ???

Butts looking real good and your making my tummy start growling too, gotta get some cheese grits here soon.

BTW...looks like your avatar is all grown up now!!!
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yeah tonto she's all grown up but still a little diva
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Can't seem to get nominated for the OTBS! ... so, perhaps I could be #4 of the OBWS ... eh? icon_lol.gif
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! would like to nominate MYSELF AS #5!!!PDT_Armataz_01_40.gif
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Ready to Foil

just foiled the butt and it sure looks great and the pelimanary taste test says that it is going to really good..even have the mutt guarding it from intruders, she's been out there for two hours
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Best one yet

Yes yes yes,,,WOOHOO it turned out terrific,personally it's my best, i fell asleep while watching the BBq Challenge and when i woke up i thought oh no but it just fell apart in the foil...i used a strawberry kiwi juice to spray and it is quite yummythe chipolte gave it a nice bite, puffing out chest here, here's the porn

Oh yeah the pup gives it 2 paws up
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I posted a pic of the TBS exiting gently from my smoker and got nominated. Try it. I'll bite.
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I second that nomination ... icon_biggrin.gif
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Right now ... as hungry as I am ... yours is looking a whole lot better ... it's done and mine isn't icon_sad.gif
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Gooodness Linescum your smoking meat not heating the yard! icon_mrgreen.gif

Try cutting back a bit on your wood and closing your vents a little. Do you have vent somewhere on that thing?

Nice butt though .... rolleyes.gif
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Dang linscum looks like a wood burner in action to me, after I get mine hot it has very little smoke coming out the stack but takes a while to get the heat up. Food looks good man
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