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Half's it'll be

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Can some one please tell me the best way to half a couple of chicken's. I tried it once and it looked & felt like the breast was going to fall off. Maybe I cut some thing I shouldn't have.
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Here you go Smokin. Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes!!

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Works great for turkeys too!

I rip the rib bones out when I'm done too. I hate getting stabbed but those sharp little bones!
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I was wondering about them.Thanks to every one for all of ya'll help so far. I'll let every one know how they turn out.
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I like to completely debone them too and wrap them around a half cooked pork loin, wrap the whole thing in bacon and finish. When finished, slice like a roll and serve.
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Dang!! Man do I have a lot to learn. That sounds sooooo good.MMMMMMM juicey
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Tom -

That sounds great!! icon_eek.gif
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I like the sound of that Tom. Definitely on the to do list. Thanks for sharing.
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