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Welcome to SMF Smokin for life!!! Enjoy the forums.
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HEY CAMOCOOK You must have the same problem I have. They really don't know much about smoking up here. It's just heat up some charcole and slap on a hambuger. Cover it with Hunts bbq sauce and tell every one you had a really good bbq this week end. It's funny you asked about the bars on Frankford Ave. That's just where I live, Frankford & Cottman. Butthey don 't do me any good, I don 't like going to bars I always get in trouble. (let's pick on the biker). I much rather fire up the smoker grap a few cold ones sit out on the little patio( & again being in Philly you kknow what I mean by small) watch the smoke and pet the dog. "You can take the man out of TX. , but you can't take TX.out of the man" Can I get a YEeehaaa!!!
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Michael -

Except making for preservation I think smoking (BBQ) is truely a southern thing that some of us Yankees have been lucky enough to experiance. We have a lot of fake BBQ here in CT as well.

My first pulled pork I brought to my sisters house they all put ketsup on it before they ever tasted it. icon_eek.gif
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Debi, that sounds like something my wife would do. I have to be honest, I was raised here in Philly, after I got out of the service ( many, many, years ago) I just never came back here.I remember when my girlfriend in TX.told me we were going to a BBQ. I was pretty jazzed about it.But it was like nothing I had ever seen. 3 days before the week end they started getting ready. We went shopping for all kinds of thingsI never heard of. Then on Thurs. they started rubbing this and soaking that. I was really amazed. Then came Sat. now were getting ready to light the fire. Seeing how I was the big man, it was my job to light the fire. This is where my biggest mistake happen.... "Hey you guy's got any lighter fluid" It wasn't so much I asked for lighter fluid that got me that "where in the heck you from"look, it was the ""you guys" that did me in. But once I started eating real BBQ I was hooked. That's when "Ya'll, reckon so, fixin to, up the road a piece" became words I use now.
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