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Smoking Today!

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Went to the store last night to pick up a chuck roast for the smoker. Couldn't find what I wanted and ended up with a nice top round roast, about 4 pounds. I rubbed it down with Jeff's rub, got the hickory and cherry wood to smokin' and it do smell good! I will attempt to post some pics.
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Looks absolutely awesome WVsmokeman. What int. temp to usually take that to? It is always good to see fellow Mountaineers on the forum. Where are you located in WV?

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Looks god so far WVSM!
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It's Finished!'s the finished product. It turned out pretty yummy. I still like the chuck roast a little better. I pulled it at 160, wrapped it in foil, wrapped a heavy towel around it and placed it inside my Sam's Club insulated bag for 2 hours. When I sliced it up, it was nice and moist but could have used a little more smoke. Nobody's complaining but me though, I'm my worst critic! Hillbillysmoker, I'm in the southern part of WV, Raleigh County.
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Looks very nice WVSM! Very nice indeed!

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Looks fantastic WVSmokeMan!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Smoke on!!!!
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Oh man! Just finished breakfast and now there is drool on the laptop!!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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gotta love that beef, my wife prefers pork but i like a nice big chunk of beef now and then.. thats a nice looking top round gotta few in the freezer along with some big sirloin roasts
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I am orginally form the next county over, Fayette Co. :)
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That bag sounds like a great idea!!

Lisa :)
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Looks real good Smokeman!
Got me droolin' just before breakfast!
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