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Ed from South Louisiana

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Hello here, I'm Ed from down in bayouland. Yep, a true cajun.
I'd been using an electric smoker for a while that I inherited, but the element died and I ordered a GOSM. It hasn't come in yet.
I see that you advertise some for Breaux's seasonings, I haven't heard of that here although Breaux is a common name in these parts.
We really get a lot of mileage out of Tony Chachere's cajun seasonings for meat and seafood. Has anyone heard of this stuff?
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Great to have another cajun here! I have to travel some distance to eat good cajun food, unless I make it myself.

Glad you found the site, great people, great info!

I've heard of Tony's but have never tried it. Guess I better put it on "The List", it's getting longer and longer.

Keep a camera handy, we love food pics!
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Greetings analog assassin,

Welcome aboard! I also have a GOSM and I really do enjoy it. I also have a stick burner but for the convenience, I'll go with the GOSM ...... especially if I have several other tasks going on at the same time. The GOSM just requires a lot less attention than a stick burner. There may be a slight sacrifice of flavor but not too much.
Anyway, keep us posted as to how you like it. And GOOD LUCK!
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welcome fellow gosm user
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Glad to have ya here..Tony's is popular up here as well..PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif use a gosm too ...great smoker...ask all the questions you need to...someone will have the answer for you...
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Welcome aboard, Ed! I also use a GOSM and I promise that you will be delighted with it! And I have also used Tony's for quite some time!
Happy you found us! You're gonna love it here!

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Welcome aboard Ed. Glad to see you here. Please share with us your wonderful experiences of smoke. Keep in mind there are many great folks here with a wealth of knowledge who are willing to share should you have questions.
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Welcome, welcome. Glad you are here at SMF. GOSM here also.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Ed here again.
Got a question about the GOSM. Does it use a lot of LP?
And I have a char-broil gas grill that I can buy an optional converter to use natural gas.
Can the GOSM also be converted to use natural gas?
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Don't know about converting to natural gas. My GOSM runs about 30 hours on a 20 pound LP tank.

Hope this helps.

Take care, have fun, and do good!



P.S. - I also have a spare take that I keep full in case I run out in the middle of a smoke.
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Welcom to SMF enjoy
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30 hours on a 20# tank seems to be the average I get also...BUT...it never hurts to have a spare tank...ya never know when your going to need it...icon_lol.gif
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Welcome Ed-

Glad to have another cajun cooker here! Looking forward to some new recipes.

Try this site for LP to natural gas conversion kits.



Thought I saw one at Lowes as well for grills.
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Welcome to the SMF Edicon_smile.gif Good to have another Louisianian on board. What part of the state are you in?
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A hearty welcome to SMF from Canada ... good luck with your new smoker! icon_biggrin.gif
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Welcome to the forum Ed.
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welcome to SMF.... a big hello from Michigan... i use Tony C's everyday... is one of only things i can get around here to remind my of LA, spent most of last spring and summer in the Slidell area and cant wait to get back there
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Welcome to the SMF Ed. Great folks here so jump right in!!

Glad you found us.
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Southeast La., little town called Lockport in Lafourche Parish. About an hour's drive from New Orleans.
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Howdy Ed, I'm Jim and I live in Houston. Tony Chachere's is as common on the table as salt and pepper here. I can throw a rock and hit Louisiana from here and there are a million coon-asses who live in this area. (for you Northern folks, that is NOT a derogatory term!) Honestly I like to use Zatterans Craw fish boil in most anything, it has a superior Cajun flavor in my book. Glad to have ya and Let the good times roll!
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